Miki’s Cool Wine Gadgets: “The One” Wine Glasses!

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

This month… it’s The One wine glass from Andrea Robinson!

Our last trip to California brought about a very special event for Tom Joe and I. It was our wine-world “brush with fame”!

Miki, Tom Joe, Andrea

We had the opportunity to meet Andrea Robinson, one of only eighteen women in the world to hold the title of Master Sommelier! Andrea has many other accolades in her repertoire, one of which is the creator of The One wine glasses.

Watch our short video below as we introduce you to Andrea and The One!

Disclaimer: This product was a complementary trade sample.

Okay, so I have to say, these wine glasses REALLY ARE my favorites! I even like them better than my Waterford Crystal glasses that I bought in Ireland. (And NO, honey! I’m not going to throw the Waterford glasses out. They are here to stay! 🙂 He’s always trying to get me to downsize! But I WILL stop collecting miscellaneous glasses from wine trails. Promise!)

Anyway, you can get your set of The One wine glasses at AndreaWine.com. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

(Oh…and the picture of me at the end of the video “stealing” a grape was in Andrea’s vineyard which surrounds her house.  Thanks for the wine glasses, Andrea…and the grape!)

And remember, until next time, it’s all about having fun with wine!


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Miki “This is the Life” Winer

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