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Official Review by The Traveling Winers

This visit to Sister Creek Vineyards was definitely unique simply because of its location.  This winery is set in a Cotton Gin Factory from 1885.  First of all, as you are driving down the road, don’t blink because otherwise, you may miss your stop.  All that is there is the winery on one side of the road and the little General Store on the other (gotta check out the General Store – way cute!)

It is a very rustic setting and when you first walk in you smell it too…very OLD….almost musty.  They have artifacts from that time period from the cotton gin which are kinda cool to look at.  We think it would have been cool to construct a tasting bar to match the historical decor to replace the current folding tables covered with table clothes.  Just a thought.

They have a unique touring experience set up which is self-guided.  I have never seen one quite like this before.  It was impressive that they had taken the time to offer some “inside scoop” and education for those that like that kinda thing like we do.  This would be a good winery visit for a newbie to wine tasting as you can learn some of the very basics on this self-guided tour.

With regard to the wines, we were told by a person at a different winery that we should visit here because they are well known for their Muscat Canelli.  And yes, it was good, but more interesting because they add a tiny bit of carbonation to give it just a little snap.  Kinda tasty.

If you are a history buff, this place is for you.  If you like Muscat Canelli, you should stop here and give it a taste.  If you are a newbie and would find an educational tour valuable, put this on your trail.  Otherwise, we would consider this winery only if you have spare time on your hands.  Remember, that is just our opinion (but HEY, we bought three bottles!).  We would love to hear your opinion, whether similar or different!


Tom Joe
“Hops ‘r Better” Winer

Located in an 1885 Cotton Gin Factory, presumably a historic building, this was a quaint winery with a great muscat canelli.  The self-guided tour of their winery was unique and very informative for the lay person.

“Hippie” Winer

Unable to visit

“This Is The Life” Winer

Not the type wine tasting experience that I prefer, but am giving this 3 grapes simply because of the historic building and the very creative self-guided tour.  Like my husband said, the tour is good for a newbie to wine to see the “back of the house” with very basic information.  They specialize in their muscat canelli, of which we purchased two bottles, one 2012 and one 2012 reserve, simply to taste test them together.  They add a bit of carbonation just to make it interesting.

“Timeless” Winer

Unable to visit

The Winer’s Experience

Historic – 1885 Cotton Gin Apart from the historic building, very limited and restrictive (not allowed to walk about).  Quaint as the scenery is basically a two-building blink on a Texas road, Winery on one side and General Store (so CUTE!) on the other. Historic, musty smell, but then I guess that is what you would expect from such an old building.  Tasting bar was just two long card/party tables with a table cloth over them and that was it.  A bit surprised that for a place that has been around since 1988, they hadn’t built a decent bar to match the grandeur of the historical structure.
Average Good Our hostess simply told us about the medals that each wine had won, otherwise no technical knowledge of the wine or winery history to speak of.

Vineyard & Winery Information

Sister Creek Vineyards 1142 Sisterdale Highway, Sisterdale, TX  78006
Mon-Fri  10-5
Sat-Sun 10-6
No Yes Yes
Yes – Self Guided No



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