Month: June 2014

Enjoying the Sights & Sounds of a Beautiful Oklahoma Evening at Whispering Vines
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

The weather was forecasted as rain, but as with the event at Whispering Vines, it turned out beautiful and even the birds showed up for the fest! Annual [...]

Fun Time Had at Stroud, Oklahoma’s 2014 Historic Route 66 Wine and Food Festival

5th Annual Wine and Food Festival in Stroud, Oklahoma Wine in Oklahoma?!  WHAT?!?!  Our response...."But of course!"  You would be amazed!  We sure [...]

The Vineyard Trail returns to Santa Barbara for the WBC!

The Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) is July 11-13, 2014 and two of The Traveling Winers will be in [...]

Wine Tasting at
Canadian River Winery 6/28/14

The Traveling Winers will be hosting a wine tasting at Canadian River Winery on June 28th from 11 am - 2 pm! Join us for wine, light snacks and music - [...]
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