3:00pm – De Lucca 2017 Tannat Reserve

by Tom Joe The “Hops ‘R Better” Winer

Another fine wine met during our speed-tasting at the 2018 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC). How did I feel about tasting so many wines in a finite time and having to blog? Click here!

Love hearing about the history…

Chatted with Amanda Barnes of Around the World in 80 HarvestsHolly Shaw of Wine-Not-Whine about the De Lucca Tannat 2017 Reserve wine being poured.

Personally, I had already tasted Tannat in Texas and was surprised to see that this was also being produced in Uruguay.

With roots originating from the Piedmont region in Italy back to the 1870s, “De Lucca remains a family business, with 3rd generation winemaker, Reinaldo De Lucca at the helm, and his daughter, Agostina De Lucca also deeply involved in the management & running of the winery.

The grapes grown here do quite well because of a very protected Atlantic climate. Because of the family’s Italian heritage, this wine is made in the old-world style, and even though Tannat is generally a very tannic variety, the tannins here are very smooth.

Remember, it’s all about having FUN with wine! 

Drink Wine – Drink Wisely!

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