3:35pm – Brooks Estate 2015 Rastaban Pinot Noir

by Tom Joe The “Hops ‘R Better” Winer

Another fine wine met during our speed-tasting at the 2018 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC). How did I feel about tasting so many wines in a finite time and having to blog? Click here!

What goes around, bites you in the butt!

Chatted with Lauren Williams from Brooks Wine about their Rastaban Pinot Noir. Only 500 cases of this wine were produced and, according to their website, we are – AGAIN – the lucky ones to get to taste it!

Lauren tells the story…”The winery was founded by Jimi Brooks in 1998. He’s spent about a decade working his way around Europe, spending time in Beaujolais making wine, as well as other odd jobs to make ends meet. In Poland, he met his bride, Boźena, and after she became pregnant, they moved back to Oregon. He was the assistant winemaker at WillaKenzie Estate and the founding winemaker at Maysara, producing Brooks wines on the side. Though Jimi & Boźena later divorced, their son Pascal was an integral part of Jimi’s life, visiting and working with him in the vineyards every summer.”

“In 2004, Jimi died suddenly from an aortic aneurysm whilst still in his thirties and the winery went to his 8-year-old son, Pascal. At the time, Jimi’s sister Janie took over the business in order to help keep it afloat, if not flourish for Pascal. In addition, the assistant winemaker at the time of Jimi’s death was Chris Williams; since he was the closest to Jimi both as a friend and he knew Jimi’s process for making wines, Janie asked him to become the winemaker and he has done so ever since.”

The label on the bottle actually comes from a tattoo that Jimi had on his arm – an Ouroboros. An Ouroboros is a mythical creature that eats it’s own tail – a symbol representing life, death, and renewal.

For a great documentary on the “Ouroboros” happening at Brooks Wine, watch Strange Inheritance – Winery – it’s a 20-minute show but is well worth it.

Remember, it’s all about having FUN with wine! 

Drink Wine – Drink Wisely!

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