Author: Elizabeth "Hippy" Winer

15 Health Benefits of wine – say what ?!?
by Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

Hello Fellow Winers! We found this awesome article, 15 Health Benefits of Wine by Jesse Miller over at Jen Reviews that we thought you would enjoy. Who knew [...]

Ullo – Sulfite Filter
Review by Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

​Sulfites, a naturally occurring and commonly added substance during winemaking, are well known to cause people sensitive to this additive to experience [...]

Dee Dee and Paul Scorvino: Pinot, Pasta and Parties
by Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

I LOVE to talk about food and how it can help folks create health and happiness. I also love to cook, hang out with my tribe and simply spend time "being". [...]

Travel Channel Here We Come!

Just about 26 years ago, Miki and I were taking a walk over by what used to be a Shaklee Vitamin plant in Norman, OK. I can distinctly remember saying to her, [...]

Red Wine Marinated Lamb Kababs
by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

Everyone loves a good backyard get together and this tasty garlic, rosemary, red wine marinated lamb kabab recipe will be the hit of the party. With the [...]

Saucey White Wine Pork Chops
by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

A simple, bursting with flavor dish that your family and friends are sure to enjoy and rave about. We like to enjoy this dish with a Pinot Noir or an off-dry [...]

Rustic White Wine Soup
by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

Most of us are still looking to keep warm and snuggly while brisk, chill winds blow. What better way than to hug a mug of soup? And of course, since this is a [...]

Mulled Wine, anytime!
by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

Often considered a "Christmas" beverage, hippocras, (mulled or spiced wine), has been a boon companion of man for a very long time. I will leave it to Brian [...]

Savory, Succulent Chicken Marsala
by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

The last time I talked about Marsala wine we were making a tasty Italian dessert, Zabaglione. This time, we are going to use Marsala in a savory Italian [...]

Zabaglione for the Holidays
by Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

When one thinks of cooking with Marsala wine, it is Chicken Marsala that will often pop to the front of the mind. And that is a yummy dish indeed! But, here [...]
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