Wineries of Santa Barbara County: A Traveling Winers Original Wine Trail

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

May 31, 2018

Santa Barbara is an absolutely beautiful city located just to the North of Los Angeles, on the Southern coast of California.  You come ashore from the Pacific and within a mile, at most, you start to climb into the hills that are the signature feature of the area.  The other Winers and I were lucky enough to have the chance to explore the area ...

A Look Into the Finger Lakes Wine Region

by Admin

January 10, 2018

Hello!  I am Brian, the Timeless Winer, of the Vineyard Trail Traveling Winers.  Normally, I blog about my thoughts on the vineyards, wineries and wines that we have discovered while trailing across the U.S.  But, as happens when you aren’t paying attention during a meeting, I was unwittingly tasked by my Masters (Elizabeth and Miki) and ...

Where to Eat in Lodi, Shhh!, its a hot secret!

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

January 22, 2017

My favorite part of the Wine Bloggers Conference (all two of them that I have been to so far), and the 2016 that was held in Lodi, California was no exception, is the "Oh So Secret, Mystery Dinner".  As always, we signed up for our evening with no real idea of where we were going to or what to expect other than that it would be some ...

Kashong Creek Craft Cider

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

June 22, 2016

We bumped into Kashong Creek at the 'Secret Dinner' we went to while at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Corning, New York. Having heard that these affairs are pretty damn nice, I was surprised to find that we were stopping at a small building complete with wine casks set up as tables. "Hmmm." thinks I. "Looks like my kind of wine ...

Fox Run Vineyards

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

May 25, 2016

Fox Run Vineyards is located in Penn Yann, New York. I know, I know. Where? It sits on a hillside overlooking Seneca Lake, just off State Route 14. Now the problem with finding Fox Run is that you must drive along SR14 with the view of the lake constantly grabbing your eyes. What a beautiful distraction! It is, I'm sure, not quite so spectacular ...

Villa Bellangelo Winery

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

April 26, 2016

Villa Bellangelo Winery is located on Poplar Point Road, just outside of Dundee, New York. It sits, in fact, on the West side of beautiful Seneca Lake which is one of the Finger Lakes of New York. You turn off the highway and take a meandering route through what looks like just another field until you spot the vines and the main building up ...

Dinner? SHHH, its a secret!

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

March 21, 2016

Okay. Here I am at the Wine Bloggers Conference, 2015 (WBC 15), up in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York. (Yeah, no. Not THAT part. The cool as hell part of New York!) Anyway. It was my first conference and I really had no idea what to expect other than that there was going to be LOTS of wine to drink and several strangers telling me ...

Market Street: NOT the Corning I Thought

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

March 8, 2016

Corning, New York. How the devil did we end up there and how much cookware do you need? Well, we ended up 'there', because 'there' was the location of the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC 15) and our introduction to the Finger Lakes wine region. I could not have picked a more beautiful spot to spend a few days sipping wine and meeting new ...

A Mug of Mulled: Nett, όμορφη, Nice

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

February 24, 2016

I had been meaning to re-stack our firewood to make it more accessible (for when My Own True Love needed the snap and crackle of something besides my knees). And, as the weather was suitably windy and cold, decided this is the day. The job completed (helped by my fluent ‘french’ regarding the weather), I headed inside. After changing clothes ...

White Zinfandel…Mistake or Fate?

by Brian The "Timeless" Winer

January 12, 2016

I had just poured myself a glass of Port and, kicked back on the patio, was looking at the cloudy night sky, just sort of contemplating the universe. A little Elton John in the background (Rocket Man, get it?) and I got to wondering just why it was that every time there is a really great meteor shower it will be best viewed long after I should be ...

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