Brian and Elizabeth’s Story

by Brian The Timeless Winer
Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

about_usThe roots of the Trail go way back for us, we just did not know it was THE Vineyard Trail until years later. We met in the Hunsruck region of Germany in June of 1989. Of wine, Brian would have said then, “Well, there is sweet & dry, white & red – the whites go with fish and fowl while the reds go with beef and lamb”. He had never been to a vineyard or winery but did enjoy a good glass of wine – at least what he would have called a good glass of wine. Elizabeth did not know much more but the year before had been to a few German vineyards in the beautiful Rhine River valley to help with harvest and to enjoy some wonderful local food!

In our early days of dating, we discovered a mutual love of adventure, travel, food and wine and so we traveled and explored Europe together. Common to the different European cultures is a love of celebrating and this is carried out with many different types of festivals. Some of the most fun festivals are the Wine Fests, held throughout the year in many places. It was at these various Wine Fests that we started to gain an appreciation for tasting the different wines of Europe, especially the German variety.

Years passed and we found ourselves in Arizona for a time where we discovered the Kokopelli Winery in Chandler. This was our first American winery and was a great place for a Nosh – check it out if you have time. A few more years went by as we did what we do best – travel and have fun. And then, on a drive from Oklahoma City to Tampa, we saw a sign for “Visit Oklahoma Wineries” and Elizabeth said – “Wow, there are vineyards and wineries in Oklahoma – huh! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a site where you could put in a travel path and it would show you all the vineyard to see along the way…” And The Vineyard Trail was born.

It was a great match to pair up with our very best friends, Miki and Tom Joe, who had already discovered the joys of wine trailing. Many hours of planning The Vineyard Trail and several bottles of wine later, we “Winers” embarked on our first trail together in E. Texas on the Piney Woods Wine Trail.

Our tastes have matured and changed over the years and now we enjoy sweet, dry, red, white, blush and rose. And food pairings? Well if it tastes good together, why not? Brian says, “Drink the wine you like with the food you like!”

We have great plans for fun, travel and sharing our experiences with all of you. Follow us as we tour and review the vineyards and wineries of the world and if you find us coming to your neck of the woods, join us on the trail!

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