Vineyard Trail Beginnings

The Finnins – A Humble and Shocking Beginning to Our Love of Wine

Who knew there was so much to know about wine?! When we first started on our "love of wine journey" we sure had no idea there were so much mystery and romance [...]

How the Finnins Got Started on The Vineyard Trail
by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Where to start! Well, we suppose the first thing to say would be "WELCOME" to our passion!  We began this site with our very dear and best friends, Brian [...]

Brian and Elizabeth’s Story
by Brian The Timeless Winer
Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

The roots of the Trail go way back for us, we just did not know it was THE Vineyard Trail until years later. We met in the Hunsruck region of Germany in June [...]
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