~Tom Joe – “Hops ‘r Better” Winer

How Boulevard Brewing Made Me Buy Their Beer
by Tom Joe Hops ‘R Better Winer

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I hate marketing! So, this month I have a GREAT topic - SOCIAL MEDIA!!! More specifically, how social [...]

Baited by beer, hooked by McNellies’ marketing genius!
by Tom Joe Hops ‘R Better Winer

I fell for McNellie's marketing hook, line and sinker... and I'm bummed! I can usually see these hooks from a distance and can decide for myself whether to [...]

WBC Memories of Past, Present and Future
by Tom Joe Hops ‘R Better Winer

Our first Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) was in 2014 in Santa Barbara, California. Organized by Zephyr Vacations and the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance - [...]

Wine Labels – A Part of the Tasting Experience
by Tom Joe Hops ‘R Better Winer

It has been proven that wine labels, and cost, DOES impact a persons' reaction to the wine in the bottle... and that's okay. We are ALL affected by marketing, [...]

Check out what it’s like being on the trail
by Tom Joe Hops ‘R Better Winer

A lot can be said about just going to the local liquor store every week, buying some wines and tasting them at home (preferably with friends over). But can [...]

Start Your Wine Journey with a Wine-Pairing Dinner
by Tom Joe Hops ‘R Better Winer

If you are interested in learning wine or advancing to the "next level" in your wine journey, then I highly recommend, even strongly encourage, even say it's a [...]

Planning Our Romantic Port Excursions
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Deciding What Restaurants to Visit Planning is always the most difficult part of any trip, especially if you're used to your travel agent (that would be Miki) [...]

Changing Your Cruise into a Romantic Wine Adventure!
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Miki & Tom Joe Wine Tasting
Okay - so you're on a cruise and none of the excursions thrill you (you've either done them all before or you're a touch too olde for them). Why not plan your [...]

How Social Media Made Krista Drink Wine!
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

We met many a wine blogger at the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) and we were fortunate to grab a few minutes of Krista Lamb's time to chat on how she [...]

How The Quini App Helps You Become a More Consistent Wine Taster
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Quini App & Wine Bottle
Have you been confused at what to do during a wine tasting (or simply don't know)? Have you ever forgotten to note the aroma or the clarity of the color of [...]
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