~Tom Joe – “Hops ‘r Better” Winer

Changing Your Cruise into a Romantic Wine Adventure!
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Miki & Tom Joe Wine Tasting
Okay - so you're on a cruise and none of the excursions thrill you (you've either done them all before or you're a touch too old for them). Why not plan your [...]

How Social Media Made Krista Drink Wine!
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

We met many a wine blogger at the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) and we were fortunate to grab a few minutes of Krista Lamb's time to chat on how she [...]

How The Quini App Helps You Become a More Consistent Wine Taster
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Quini App & Wine Bottle
Have you been confused at what to do during a wine tasting (or simply don't know)? Have you ever forgotten to note the aroma or the clarity of the color of [...]

Enjoying the Sights & Sounds of a Beautiful Oklahoma Evening at Whispering Vines
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

The weather was forecasted as rain, but as with the event at Whispering Vines, it turned out beautiful and even the birds showed up for the fest! Annual [...]

Olde Man Makes Olde Wines at Cottonwood Canyon Winery
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Named after local Cottonwood trees, Norm, the owner, used them to make the doors of the tasting room. He even fashioned an upstairs door from Cottonwood with [...]

Got Tired Running Around Tasting Rooms at Foxen Vineyard
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Our first stop at Foxen winery is at its present location, 7600 Foxen Canyon Road. A really nice, fair-sized facility, the production area behind the tasting [...]

Of 37,000 Acres, 300 Acres Are Dedicated to Vineyards and Rancho Sisquoc Winery
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

A very much ranch-like winery, maybe because... it's on a ranch. The wine tasting room was built in beautiful dark wood and in a little cul-de-sac near where [...]

All The Presidents Have Gathered at Curtis Winery For Change of Ownership
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Change is in the air at this boutique winery. The new vintner, Andrew Murray, has a high bar to meet because the wines are (oops, by the time you read this, [...]

Molly Sits Like A Leprechaun at Zaca Mesa Winery
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Whilst missing the ambiance of the vineyards, the winery was well matched for its surroundings and blended in nicely. Molly, our tasting room host, was very [...]

Davy Crockett Still Signs Autographs at Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Created in 1972 by well known celebrity, Fess Parker, this is a really nice winery on a beautifully landscaped estate. A dog guards the vineyard from flying [...]
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