Dee Dee and Paul Scorvino: Pinot, Pasta and Parties
by Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

I LOVE to talk about food and how it can help folks create health and happiness. I also love to cook, hang out with my tribe and simply spend time “being”. What better way to do all of this than with groups of family and friends? Well, I have found an incredible treasure from Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino with their masterpiece cookbook, Pinot, Pasta and Parties. I am of Italian descent, on my mother’s side, and within moments of perusing the pages of this book, I found the foods, flavors and memories of my childhood. I can still smell the sauce my grandpa used to cook all day on the stove, or the aroma of ricotta seasoned with parsley and Parmesan cheese and oh, the smell of bread as it baked in the oven. Everyone gathered in that “oh so Italian way” to debate the state of the world and passionately share how they would solve all of everyone’s problems.

There are many Italian cookbooks out there, but what makes this one so special and why it’s become my go-to book are the stories, entertaining tips, menus and most importantly, how well the meals turn out. The instructions for preparation are very easy, the meals are delicious and the passion Dee Dee and Paul have for cooking and spending time with friends shines through. Paul’s pizza dough recipe has even replaced my grandfather’s;  the one I have used for years! Complete with entire menu suggestions, each section provides a story and commentary from Paul and Dee Dee giving this book incredible personality. This is followed by a menu to help you build the meal and each section is kicked off by Dee Dee’s favorite cocktail. It is so descriptive and vibrant that at times, it almost feels like you are standing in Paul Sorvino’s kitchen, cooking with him. Everything is so wonderful that it was hard to choose, but my favorites are: Cocktail = The Golden Winner; Dinner = Northern Chicken Cacciatore; Dessert = Tiramisu; Appetizer = Stuffed Artichokes; Overall favorite menu = Renaissance.


I truly believe no home is complete without a copy of this great book! Pick up your own, try it out and feel free to add in comments below about what you think of the book and which are your favorite recipes and menus.

à votre santé
Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

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