Market Street: NOT the Corning I Thought

by Brian The Timeless Winer

Corning, New York.  How the devil did we end up there and how much cookware do you need?  Well, we ended up ‘there’, because ‘there’ was the location of the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC 15) and our introduction to the Finger Lakes wine region.  I could not have picked a more beautiful spot to spend a few days sipping wine and meeting new people.



All right then.  Before I start talking about that particular area of Corning called Market Street, let’s find out a bit about Corning itself.  The city was founded in 1890 and, though there were other industries there at the time, it became famous for its glass works.  It is the home of Corning Incorporated, formerly Corning Glass Works, where they produced glass and ceramic products.  You know, Corning Ware?  This is the place.  Well, they don’t have Corning Glass as we knew it anymore, but they do have an amazing glass museum as well as the Rockwell Museum. (You go see the Rockwell and look for ‘Artemus the Buffalo’ coming through the wall.)  Both fall into the “gotta go see” category.

But, I am here to tell you about the joys we found just tooling around in downtown Corning on Market Street.  It smacks of old, small town/city in Anywhere, USA that you remember from your childhood.  The street is several blocks long and lined with small shops, cafes, bars and restaurants with some pretty interesting names like Mint Velvet (furniture), Dippity Do Dahs (custom ice cream), and the Effin Texas Bar and Grill (restaurant).

Every store had some coupon or special that was set up just for us (except for the furniture guys, but who wants a couch when you are swilling good wine and a thousand miles from home?).  Their whole attitude was exemplified by the greeting they gave to us at the opening wine reception in the Gaffer District in Riverfront Park.  Filled with vendors of food and fine wines, amazing desserts and people who seemed genuinely glad that we were there.

Okay then.  We are going to be at the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference and General ‘Get Down’.  Who among you doesn’t want to travel to beautiful and exciting Lodi, California, for one of the best times ever?  Man, the possibilities are absolutely mind boggling.  So stop on by if you’re in the area and say hello.  We’ll all have name tags (unless you look like a vice cop).  I’ll be looking for you over the rim.


And now, my personal rant:

Free The Grapes

Free the Grape!




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