Miki’s Cool Wine Gadgets: A Gadget For Your Soul

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

This month… it’s Taste Vacations!


Once again, I am changing it up. This month, instead of a “physical” wine gadget, I would like to introduce you to a product that will make the wine-lover’s heart soar!



Introducing…Taste Vacations

Taste Vacations is a wine tourism company that is run by Zephyr Adventures. Now, I haven’t yet gone on one of their structured vacations, but I have attended several of their wine excursions that they have put on at the Wine Bloggers Conferences, and I can personally tell you that these folks are terrific!  They put together amazing experiences, are exceptionally organized, and know just a thing or two… or two hundred… about wine. I 100% trust that they put on top-notch wine country tours and do not hesitate to give them my personal recommendation. Having said that, hold on to your hat because your mind’s going to explode when I tell you about a couple of their available wine tours.


Do you love Chilean and Argentinian wines? Man, they are some of my favorites! Well, here’s the wine tour for you!

This tour is a 9-day excursion into the wine country and culture of Chile and Argentina. On this trip you will visit numerous wineries (I think I counted 8 or more!) set among spectacular settings like the Andes Mountains, meet and chat with a number of winemakers, experience the local cuisine including fancy-schmancy meals and fresh seafood, lose yourself in a meticulously prepared wine pairing lunch, and sleep in accommodations set among the vines and at the ocean’s door. I’m telling you, it just sounds spectacular and want to hop in your luggage to tag along. Check out all the details here.



Looking for something a little shorter in duration?  Can’t get away for 9 days? Don’t have your passport yet? (Huh? Need to get on that one, folks!) Then this stateside trip might be the one for you. Three days in Sonoma County. They have several stateside tours available, but I am writing on this one here because I have been to Sonoma and just fell in love. I know you will too!

On this tour, new memories await. You will be treated to a number of different winery tours and experiences, ranging from a true blind tasting, wine pairing with local artisan cheeses, a  refreshing and educational walk through a vineyard, and a spectacular mountain-top tasting. And finally, it’s time to delight your taste buds. You will dine with restauranteers serving fresh, local ingredients making your dining experience one which will not be forgotten.

So, the next time you are planning a vacation, give some serious thought to planning one full of wine, food and new experiences of a lifetime. Taste Vacations is just the company that can take you there! And just so you know, we are an affiliate with Taste Vacations and do get a commission if you book through our links. Totally up to you! If you do, we sincerely thank you!  But, you can always book straight through Taste Vacations if you choose. No hard feelings 🙂


Miki “This is the Life” Winer


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