Nestled in the Woods Hides Redbud Ridge Vineyard & Winery

by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Stop 3 of 3 on Oklahoma Frontier Country Wine Trail
Date of visit: 2013-08-03

Winery Scenery

One of the more natural places we visited! The vineyards were nice and lush and the winery was tucked away nicely in a little grove of trees, demonstrating the owners respect for the natural beauty. In addition, Tom (great name, btw!), the vintner & owner, is also passionate about marketing Oklahoma wines & wineries.   He has available maps of Oklahoma wine trails to take with you, which can also be found on his website.  Some he even created himself! AND he has “war posters” with a “local” girl holding up a glass of wine and the banner says “BUY LOCAL WINE”!   I totally support his intentions and efforts!!

vineyard wine barrels wooded area

Outside, the trees provided ample shade, and although the grounds were not tremendously large, it would still be a cool place to just walk around or maybe sit and chat with fellow winers (presumably with a glass of wine in hand!)

Tasting Room Set-up

Larger than a shack, though less room than expected due to the co-habitation of the fermenting tanks! So, it was not conducive to a large number of groups. There were about 9 people in the room when we were there and it was very “crowded”. The tasting bar was just too small.

Tasting bar fermenting tanks

Tasting Room Host

Tom was our tasting room host and I really liked his sense of humor and his banter with the patrons.  Like his name, it reminded me of someone with a grandeur personality!


However, with the short bar space and the multiple groups that had converged on this winery, the essence of time permeated the tasting.  The experience was fleeting and therefore, was very much diluted.


They sucked! Okay… maybe not… but I did not rate more than 2 with an “A”, and you know that I am very particular!

TJ RatingsWineGrapeTasting Card Description
BReisling-One of the best “WURST” wines.
D3 RoseCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel3 Roses is a DARK ROSÉ BLEND of CABERNET SAUVIGNON, MERLOT and ZINFANDEL. The wine was left on the skins longer than some rosés to enhance the flavor and aroma. The aroma alternates between citrus and strawberry and ends with a hint of fig.
CSangioveseSangioveseSANGIOVESE IS THE CHIANTI GRAPE. Our Sangiovese is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce a slightly lighter wine than the Big Red Steak Wine but still full bodied. Initially, you get a whiff of cocoa that develops into a light blackberry.
ABig Red Steak WineTempranillo 60%,
Cabernet Sauvignon 40%
The new version is out and it is a 60/40 blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.
ASyrah --
CWine for stoops-Lightly sweetened with the taste of Victory. You get a hint of black fruit…blackberry or black raspberry in the nose. It has a light fruit bomb on the front of your tongue but a nice clean and balanced finish.

DNT = Did not taste


None, but you can definitely walk around and take in the wooded scenery.

My Rating for this Winery

I am rating this Rating-3-green since we were a bit rushed.

See the official VT Review:


I loved the dry wines here.  Please visit this place and let us know if your experience surpasses ours, and if so I’m more than willing to head back!!

Drink Wine – Drink Wisely!

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