Old Grapes, Old Songs and Old Guys

by Brian The Timeless Winer

Hello, everyone.  Not too long ago I wrote a bit about what is supposed to be the oldest bottle of wine in the world, The Speyer Wine bottle.  Kind of interesting to me and caused me to ponder many things while I sent an old bottle of Night Train to its fate, not the least of which was this:  Got the oldest bottle of wine in the world but is there really an oldest producing vineyard?  So while Jimmy Hendrix was working on his Purple Haze and mine was still under control, I broke out the laptop and began to do computer stuff.

schloss-vollrads-gemanyThe ‘oldest producing vineyard in the world’ is located in the Rheingau region of Germany and is called (some trumpets here would be nice) Schloss Vollrads.  The Greiffenclau family owned the vineyards and sold their first wine in 1211 to a bunch of boozy old monks failing rehab in the city of Mainz.  I always thought they were busy making cheese from baby cow milk and brewing beer (bier) or brandy.  See how educational these little bits of information are?

800 years old.  That’s pretty amazing.  The family actually started in the wine making business in 1096 (probably as a ploy to dodge service in the First Crusade) and sold their first batch 15 years later (see above).  Not only are they the ‘oldest vineyard’ but they are pretty damn good at it.  The vineyard specializes in Riesling wines and in 2011 put out their 800th vintage.



Go check out the Schloss Vollrads and see what you think.  I’ve had a bottle or two on my table (both the Kabinet and the Spatlese) and they were excellent.  I recommend them to friends who are looking for clean, crisp and a pleasure to the eye, all the time.

So, the ‘oldest vineyard in the world’ (say this with an outrageous German accent, my grandson loves it).  Another one of those UBOI’s that Elizabeth says I’m full of and now, so are you.  Don’t forget that all of this information (well, except for the parts I obviously made up) came from that reliable, accurate and truthful realm known as the internet.  Try the wine, that part I’ll vouch for as true. (‘Heh, Bon Jour.’  I love that commercial).

Oh man, I almost forgot.  Elizabeth and I are in Virginia this week checking out some family friendly vineyards and wineries.  Our itinerary is posted so if you get the chance come on out and tip a glass with us.  I’ll be looking for you over the rim.

And now, my personal rant:

Free The Grapes

Free the Grape!

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