Old Guys and OLD Wine

by Brian The Timeless Winer

The Pondering Old Man

Man, it has been a long, long time since I put fingers to keys and wrote a blog to you folks.  Tonight, I was sitting at my dining room table just letting my mind wander (as us old guys are prone to do) and I   started wondering about the ages of different wines I’ve had.  Most that I have in my rack are four or five years old, but a few, why they’re just babes of one or two years of age.  The oldest bottle I have is 14 years and it is ONLY that old because it is in the back of the cabinet where I hardly ever see it.  So, here it begins.  What is the oldest bottle of wine in the world?  And off I went to the internet to find out.


Speyer Wine Bottle (Source: Historisches Museum der Pfalz / Kurt Diehl)

The Speyer Wine Bottle, as they call it,  was found near the city of Speyer, Germany in 1867 and was either in the grave or part of the grave site of a Roman noble who was buried in 350 AD.  That makes this bad boy over 1,650 years old.  Sealed with olive oil and wax, it still contains a liquid that people believe is wine.  Amazing.

There was some talk about opening the wine and well, I don’t really know.  Why?  Who is going to put that in their mouth?  I guess whoever opened it was going to set up a ‘tasting’ for someone with deep, deep pockets and no sense.   I can’t find who was the one that wanted to open it but cooler heads prevailed and it remains a sealed bottle.  But really, can you imagine what that would taste like?  Other than ‘nothing good’, me neither.

If you have a mind to, go on line and check out the bottle.  A bit of history and a UBOI, for you.  I am going to be doing a few videos with my photo man, Tom Joe, so keep your eyes open for them.  In the mean time, I’ll be back at the old blog site tapping out things that catch my attention.  Oh, UBOI is a Useless Bit Of Information (for those of you not cool and hip like me).

We are going to Virginia in a couple of weeks so if you see us, pop on over and say hello.  I’ll be looking for you over the rim.


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