Oregon Trail Sneak Peak: Magic Soil at Lenne Estate

As we’ve announced, the girls are headed to Oregon!
And one of our stops will be to the Lenné Estate where

“the worst [soil] in the country” makes the best Pinot Noir!

Photo courtesy of Lenné Estate

In 2001, owner of Lenné, Steve Lutz, planted his vineyards in the poorest soil possible – soil with very little organic make-up and therefore poor nutrient availability, and soil that drains very quickly making it difficult to dry farm on sloped land such as Lenné. So the big question then is “How does terrible soil + pinot noir grapes = AMAZING PINOT NOIR?”!

Apparently, struggling grapevines in poor soil manifest into smaller fruit with fewer seeds and more concentrated rich fruit flavors, which is what Pinot Noir is all about. The terroir of the Lenné vineyards also impart hints of chocolate, black cherries, and mocha flavors to the wine, producing a silky smooth, long-finishing Pinot Noir.

We will be visiting Lenné Estate in Yamhill, spending time with Steve Lutz and learning of his “minimalistic” approach to winemaking and how this affects the beverage in the bottle.

We wish we could invite you to join us on this one (it’s gonna be GOOD!), but it is a private affair!:-) No worries, we will share all the juicy parts with you shortly after the visit.

We are also headed to a number of other fine wineries, check out our full itinerary here. You can also follow our trail on Twitter and FB.


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