Oregon Trail Sneak Peak: “Seriously Organic” at Youngberg Hill Vineyards

by The Traveling Winers

As we’ve announced, the girls are headed to Oregon!
And our first stop on the trail is Youngberg Hill –

A “seriously organic” vineyard.

Photo courtesy of Youngberg Hill

Named after a young Swedish man that farmed the land starting in the early 1900’s, Youngberg Hill has been home to vineyards since 1989 and producing grapes for its own label, through the hands of then-owner Ken Wright, since 1996. In 2003, Youngberg Hill changed hands to current owners, Wayne and Nicolette Bailey, who have become faithful stewards and caretakers of this small piece of Oregon heaven.

Wayne, having grown up in a family of Iowa farmers, is no newbie in the farming industry and comes with his own set of beliefs about the relationship between a farmer and the land. He demonstrates this commitment by practicing sustainable, organic and biodynamic vineyard management and strives to “do anything we can do to stay out of the way [of inhibiting nature]”.

Wayne’s goal is to, “Improve the soil and to produce better and healthier grapes and therefore make better wine. The more I take a holistic approach, the more distinctive my wines will be in regards to informing [others] where the wines come from.”

Now, our message to Wayne: “Wayne, we look forward to meeting you, Nicolette, the girls and your land, and tasting your commitment in the bottle. Thanks for the invitation!”

And our message to you: COME JOIN US! We will be meeting with Wayne and learning about his passion for his land, the vines, and nature in general and YOU are invited. When: Thursday, May 11th at 10:30 am PST at Youngberg Hill in McMinnville. RSVP required: click here.

Can’t make it in person? No problem. Follow our trail on Twitter and FB. Click here to view the rest of our itinerary.


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