Oregon Trail Sneak Peak: The Pinot-Making Mountain Man

by The Traveling Winers

The Oregon mountains of Chehalem
Home to mountain man David Adelsheim and Adelsheim Vineyard

Photo courtesy of Adelsheim Vineyard, taken by Kent Derek

Confession. David Adelsheim is not REALLY a mountain man. We just needed a catchy title for this blog! However, there is some truth in the statement. David is a mountain man, at least of sorts.

Back in 1971, David and Ginny Adelsheim purchased 19 acres of prime land in the Chehalem mountains and began an adventure of a lifetime – building Adelsheim Vineyards. Their vineyard and winery were the first in these mountains at a time when it was unproven as an AVA.   Now, 46 years later, they have 237 acres on which they grow the fruit that goes into their award-winning wines.

Throughout the years and continuing today they practice with the strict policy of “treading lightly on the earth so that our vineyards, our wines, and our people will be around for as long as our wines are in demand”. Through their participation in LIVE certification, they are helping to preserve the native habitat, watershed quality, and wildlife, and maintain the health and safety of their employees. Good on ‘ya, Adelsheim.

Elizabeth and Miki are lucky enough to be heading to Oregon in about a week and will be meeting with some of the folks from Adelsheim. Our appointment is set for Wednesday, May 10th at about 3:00 pm. We would love to have you join us! RSVP here.

Can’t make it in person? No problem. Follow our trail on Twitter and FB. Click here to view the rest of our itinerary.


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