Oregon Trail Sneak Peak: There’s a Ghost in Them Vineyards

by The Traveling Winers

The girls are chasing after ghosts in the vineyards of Carlton, Oregon. WHAT?! We just can’t help ourselves!

Photo courtesy of Ghost Hill Cellars


Picture this…The late 1800’s. Gold Rush days. A miner, his horse and his gold traipsing across the new state of Oregon. Night falls and the miner sets up camp, builds a campfire and lays down for a rest. Cut to morning. Dead miner, dead horse, gold vanished. Now, 2017, the legend has passed down from generation to generation and rumor still has it that the miner continues to wander this Oregon hill in search of his lost fortune. Oooo…oooo….oooo…..spooky, no?

But the nameless miner has to also share this hill with a newcomer, Ghost Hill Cellars. Well, a newcomer of about 18 years that is. Ghost Hill Cellars started in 1999 by owners Mike and Drenda Bayliss and now makes about 1,000 cases a year – a small boutique winery focusing solely on Pinot Noir. Although the winery itself has only been in existence since 1999, the land has been in the Bayliss family for more than a century, playing home over the years to the farming of wheat, hay, clover, peas, sheep and cattle.

Elizabeth and Miki will be visiting this piece of heaven, tasting their wine, touring their 16-acre vineyard and chatting with the Bayliss family on Tuesday, May 9th at 2pm. You are welcome to join us and share in our new discoveries! RSVP required.


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