Oregon Trail Sneak Peak: Vineyard Collision of Past and Future

by The Traveling Winers

It’s “Back to the Future”…Vineyard style at Alloro Vineyard in Sherwood, Oregon.

Photo courtesy of Alloro Vineyard


Past: The timeless Italian traditions of the Italian farmhouse, culinary gardens, cattle and sheep raised on property and allowed to graze the vineyard cover crop, farming hay for the livestock, using manure to fertilize crops, respectful stewardship of the land through sustainable agricultural farming, and combining all the farm activity to center around a bounty of, and passion for, food and wine.

Future: Solar paneling is used to provide 100% of the electricity needs of the farm and, in addition, provide a surplus that is used to supply energy to others in the area. Alloro is involved locally with Salmon-Safe to protect West Coast Watersheds in order for current and future salmon to continue to thrive.

Past and future DO come together at Alloro Vineyards, where even the name is from the Old Country. The name of the land area is Laurel Ridge. The name of the soil type is Laurelwood Series. So what does owner David Nemarnik name his new vineyard and winery? Alloro, which means laurel in Italian. Apropos!

Once again, Elizabeth and Miki are thrilled to be invited to meet with Tom Fitzpatrick, the winemaker at Alloro Vineyards! We will be meeting him for a tour, tasting, and lunch on Wednesday, May 10th. Sorry folks! This one is also a private invitation so we can’t invite you along. However, be on the lookout for out tweets and article write-ups as we will definitely fill you in on the details!

We are also headed to a number of other fine wineries, check out our full itinerary here. You can also follow our trail on Twitter and FB.



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