WBC Red Wine Tasting – Speed Limits Should Not Be Enforced!

by Tom Joe The "Hops 'R Better" Winer 3:00 – 4:00 PM Live Red Wine Blogging IMHO speed tasting does an absolute disservice to the winery, the wine, and the wine bloggers conference (WBC) attendees. Of course, taking 2 months to write this piece is also a disservice, but that's for another blog! Yeah, just like regular speed dating [...]

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St. Rose Vineyard and Winery
by Elizabeth, The Hippy Winer

Visiting this Vineyard reminded me of driving up to my great-grandfather's place in Grove, OK. Through a pair of metal gates, right onto a field! I was really struck by [...]

Review: St. Rose Vineyard and Winery – TX
Official Review by The Traveling Winers

The rows of grape vines gave it away. We really weren’t sure what to expect as we drove through the aluminum ranch gates onto a field,  as the building was deceptive in [...]

Where a shack can hold a surprising experience at St. Rose Vineyard and Winery
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

[pullquote]Oh my gosh! It's a SHACK![/pullquote] We had just visited two other wineries on the Piney Woods Wine Trail and were not able to go in for various reasons. And [...]

International Winers Enjoying an International Wine
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

One of the wonders of drinking wine is meeting up with like-minded people. Everywhere The Vineyard Trail Winers go, they are sure to meet people of varied backgrounds and [...]

Come Join Us As We Taste East-of-Dallas Wineries June 22-23rd!

Meet the The Vineyard Trail Winers as we explore the Piney Woods Wine Trail. This is our first trip east of Dallas so anyone that has a favorite winery that we must [...]

How the Finnins Got Started on The Vineyard Trail
by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Where to start! Well, we suppose the first thing to say would be "WELCOME" to our passion!  We began this site with our very dear and best friends, Brian Kuhn and [...]

Brian and Elizabeth’s Story
by Brian The Timeless Winer
Elizabeth The Hippy Winer

The roots of the Trail go way back for us, we just did not know it was THE Vineyard Trail until years later. We met in the Hunsruck region of Germany in June of 1989. Of wine, [...]

Woodrose Winery – TX
by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Don't Blink!  The wine map is a bit misleading on the location of Woodrose Winery.  On the map it looks like it is on Upper Albert Road, but in fact it is right on Wine Road [...]

The White Rose Winery – where the vintner makes the experience worthwhile
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Every now & then you find a gem in the winery world. Welcome to The White Rose Winery. One of the greatest pleasures of being part of The Vineyard Trail is taking [...]

Madison County Winery – IA
by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Wines available for tasting
[pullquote]The key to a great wine  experience is the staff[/pullquote]Some of the nicest wineries are found by accident (unless you're following The Vineyard Trail!) I [...]
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