PDX Urban Wineries: Okies on the Loose in the City

by The Traveling Winers

So, we’re finally here. In Portland, Oregon on our Willamette Valley Wine Tour! Invited by Winery Marketing and Communications Consultant, Carl Giavanti, we have the most amazing wine trail planned! We will be visiting Lenne’ EstateGhost Hill CellarsVidon VineyardAlloro VineyardAdelsheim, and Youngberg Hill. And for our accommodations, to lay our poor, weary little heads after working SO hard on raising all those wine glasses to our thirsty, thirsty lips, the folks at Youngberg Hill have been kind enough to put us up at their luxurious Bed and Breakfast Inn overlooking their vineyards. Heck, we may never leave!

But first, in typical Carl fashion, ever the PR guy and eternal advocate for the Oregon wine industry, we had our introduction to Oregon wine by attending the PDX Urban Wine Experience. Carl shook some hands and schmoozed with the right folks and got us Industry passes for the tasting. Thanks, Carl!

Sixteen local, urban wineries were represented and we tasted from almost all of them until the public tasting opened up and the venue became so crowded that, as they say in Oklahoma, “you couldn’t stir them with a stick!” Man, this place was a-hoppin’! Here is a list of the wineries that poured their wines:


Angel Vine, Boedecker Cellars, Clay Pigeon Winery, Division Winemaking Company, ENSO Winery, Fausse Piste, Gersing Cellars, Jan Marc Wine Cellars, Jasper Sisco Wines, RAM Cellars, Seven Bridges Winery, Teutonic Wine Company, Tiernan Connor Cellars, Viola Wine Cellars, Welsh Family Wines, and Willful Wines.

There was a varied representation of a number of varietals with some of the most notable being, of course, Pinot Noir, and some amazing Mourvèdre coming from ENSO Winery. Also, a nice surprise was a new and interesting presentation of Chardonnay coming from both Viola Wine Cellars and Jan Marc Wine Cellars. Can’t even really describe it other than they are not your typical Chardonnays. You would just have to try them yourself and come up with your own descriptors (nice bale out, huh?). And finally, a refreshing touch with the 2015 Communard Blanc from Fausse Piste, a blend of Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. It was a lot of fun meeting the folks behind the bottle.

So now it’s off to get started on the official trail, the Willamette Valley. Check out our itinerary here and join us as we visit each winery by following us on Twitter and FB.






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