Pedernales Cellars – TX

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Another of our favorites on this Vineyard Trail tour was Pedernales Cellars.  But not for the wine necessarily, although it was very good, but more for the “hang-out-ness” on the patio!

A sign fit for a Texas winery!The sign to their winery was awesome and must have cost a pretty penny!  Large stone or granite blocks with iron lettering.  The winery and grounds reminded me of a plantation or ranch… hmmm… it IS Texas!

Walking through the doors was a welcoming sight.  Very open with tall A great tasting room - and this is just ONE of the rooms available!ceilings and huge tasting bar.  And boy, was it busy!  Must be a lot of wine drinkers in Texas!

WebsitePedernales Cellars

Tasting Fees: $12.95/ 9 tastings (strange price!) but you do get to keep the very nice Pedernales Cellars wine glass.  Tom Joe and I always share tastings, but of course then we had to buy and extra glass to take home.  Unfortunately, you do not get a break on the tasting fee if you purchase wine.  I would think at that price maybe you should, but then what do I know.  The place was packed!

Quality:  Again, very nice (and their prices reflected that opinion also).  We did purchase 6 bottles of their Christmas wine, a smooth red infused with spices, to give as gifts to our family and friends.

Plenty of parking gives way to a grand entranceAmbiance: Well, let me repeat…”hang-out-ness”.  The tasting room, although packed, was very nicely laid out with plenty of room so you didn’t feel stuffed in like sardines.  They also had a really cool front-end store for gifts.  The main attraction for me was the outside patio.  Nice and big, comfortable seating with SHADE (important in Texas), and awesome entertainment.  Saturday entertainment must be a big thing in the Texas Hill Country, because it was happenin’ at almost every vineyard.  Oooh, and they had a small area that you could buy fancy cheeses, spreads, nibbles that would be perfect to match with the wine and sit outside and listen to music for a spell (Do I sound Texan?).

Price: Herein lies the rub!  If you’ve read my previous blog at Quality wines, quality presentation you know that Tom Joe and I have our own rating system when it comes to wine tasting (1-10 with 10 being “OMG….have to buy a case!).  Well, we rated all of their wines between a 5 and 8.  Remember now, these are our ratings for our palate, but nonetheless, 5-8.  The problem was the cost.  The 8-rated wine was priced at $40 a bottle, more than I am willing to pay for only an 8-rating.  But that’s me.

Rating: B – (Really good, bring some back and share with the neighbors)



Miki “This is the Life” Winer

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