Rancho Ponte Vineyard – TX

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Patio over-looking the stables - beauitful!DON’T BLINK, AGAIN!  Rancho Ponte Vineyard is right off the Wine Road 290.  It is a small place so if you aren’t looking you might miss it.  They fly their Texas flag with pride right in the middle of the vineyard!

Website: Rancho Ponte Vineyard

Tasting Fees: $10/6 tastes

Quality: so-so, not bad at all, just not to my liking for flavor

Ambiance: Pretty average winery.  Outside of building is nothing to write home about, but the grounds are nice with pretty flowers.  The inside is nice and spacious with a large gift section, and there are a couple of items to purchase for a snack.  They had some music going on A very spacious tasting room!inside the tasting room, but no place to sit down and enjoy.

Presentation:  Staff was nice enough, but didn’t appear very knowledgeable about their wine.

Price: A bit over priced for the quality, in my opinion.

Rating: C – So-so, but nothing to write home about.



Miki “This is the Life” Winer

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