Review: Barrel Oak Winery – Delaplane, VA

Official Review by The Traveling Winers

Come along with us below as two of the Traveling Winers, with Grandkids and dog in tow, tour Barrel Oak Winery.

Barrel Oak Winery is located in Delaplane, Virginia, and was number three on our Family Friendly Trail.  A long winding drive up through the vines leads you up a hill to the tasting room and administration building.  From the parking lot, there are tremendous views of the mountains to the North and West, clearly visible from the patios. We walked into a large sprawling tasting room with hardwood floors and it was apparent that this was a place for people to gather! And you have got to love the name – Barrel Oak Winery, or BOW as it is called.

Look what happens when you get ‘Keysie’ in Key West

The owners, Brian and Sharon Roeder, had been on holiday in Key West and while in the throws of being ‘Keysie’ (you have to go there to know this feeling, but its kind of a ‘lose your mind state where by god, anything IS possible’) and thought of being vineyard owners.  Sort of a ‘Hey Sharon, you like wine don’t you?  Ever thought of owning a vineyard? Come on, how hard can it be? We’re smart, lets do it.’  (Man, we LOVES the Keys!)

Voila, Barrel Oaks.  26 acres  of vines were put in and they opened for business in 2008. Being big time dog/animal lovers (Birch, staff dog, and Dog, staff cat, keep everyone on their game!) and from the beginning, Barrel Oaks Winery (BOW, get it?) was going to be family and pet friendly.

Tasting bars – gathering place

BOW was picked by Wine Enthusiast as the ‘#1 Family Friendly Winery in the World’.  Maybe true, maybe not, but it’s the only winery we’ve ever been in that had a section of the tasting bar dedicated to dog treats and bowls of cold water. It’s a serious place, let us tell you.  There are seven, that’s right, seven tasting bars that tend to about 700 people every weekend.  Two of the bars are open at all times and the rest, as the crowd requires it.

Amount of money raised for charity

They are in the business of selling wine, but are very community oriented with ten cents of every bottle sold going to charity.   We were told that so far they have raised over $800,000.  We’re telling you, if you are traveling with the family in this area you should stop in.  A friendly, happy place that lets you know you are more than welcome.  Go outside and relax on the patio area and look out over the vineyard and hills.  Enjoy a glass and a good game of scavenger hunt with the kids.


“Hippie” Winer

I found the wines at Barrel Oak to be quite delicious and reasonable priced, each bottle bearing the face of a four-legged friend. This is clearly a gathering spot for the community, and whether you like wine or not, a place to bring the kids, the dog, a few friends and hang out for a few hours.

“Timeless” Winer

Barrel Oak Winery was just about perfect: huge tasting room; kid friendly; dog friendly; spectacular views; terrific wines.  Made me wish I lived about 1,000 miles closer.  Well worth the drive for a day or weekend get away with the family.  I mentioned the huge tasting room? Did I mention SEVEN tasting bars? Unbelievable.

The Winer’s Experience

Friendly and ‘glad your here’, kind of place. Beautiful. The vineyard appeared really well kept and the area for outside sitting was open and inviting.  The views were spectacular. Very large bar with plenty of standing room, it wasn’t crowded even with several tables and chairs in the area.  The dog tasting bar appeared clean and well stocked as well.
Excellent.  We sampled a small variety of BOW wines and they were all very nice with several going home with us. Really great.  Our server was relatively new but quite knowledgeable about our wines and clearly enjoyed the interaction with the customers. Very in depth.  One of the first times I heard that not only was French and American Oak used but, also Hungarian Oak.

Vineyard & Winery Information

 Barrel Oak Winery 3623 Grove LaneDelaplane, Virginia   20144

  • Sun – Thurs:  11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Fri – Saturday:  11:00am – 9:00pm
December – April

  • Sat – Thurs:  11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Friday:  11:00am – 9:00pm
EMAIL WEBSITE TELEPHONE  http//  (540) 364-6402
 Yes  Yes (several)  Starts at $7.00
 Yes  Yes  Too many to mention



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