Review: Devault Family Vineyards – Concord, VA

Official Review by The Traveling Winers

Come along with us below as two of the Traveling Winers, with Grandkids and dog in tow, tour Devault Family Vineyards.

The Devault Family Vineyards, located in Concord, Virginia, was the beginning of our very first Family Friendly Trail. A beautiful drive through the Shenandoah Valley with the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance, made the time pass quickly. Our arrival had the feel as if we had pulled into your uncle’s farm for a visit: brick farm house with big old porch, lots of trees around and a long drive to the business area of the farm.

We got out at what appeared to be a horse stable, but was actually the tasting room. (On a side note, there was a stable built by a construction company of Russians from Pennsylvania. They did such good work that Sharon and Terry wanted them back to build their tasting room.  Heavy sighs in PA. The construction company said it was too far away. Sharon pleaded with them saying that they did such excellent work they just HAD to come down and do the job. Apparently, when you say that to a Russian, they DO have to come down. The rest is history.) Anyway, that is where we met Tom Adams who was our guide for the walk about in the vineyards.

We told Tom that this was our first trail strictly devoted to ‘family friendly’ places and he was quick to point us to the basketball court (filled with an assortment of toys, bikes and pogo sticks), which was right next to the indoor swimming pool (with loaner swim suits), and just up the lane from the walk-in doll house. We asked him if there were any places that kids couldn’t go and he said “the main house”, which was for the family. He laughed and added that exceptions were made if that was the closest bathroom.

New Jersey Pizza Maker to Virginia farmer

Back to the tasting room where we met Sharon DeVault, co-owner, who gave us the lowdown on the vineyard. She and her husband Terry had moved from New Jersey, where they raised six kids and Terry was a-slinging the nice-a pizza pies.  Wanting to get back to his farm roots (Terry is a 5th generation farmer), they bought 32 acres of land in Virginia, made the move, and in 1999 put 11 acres into vines. Why family friendly? They have 6 kids, lots of grand kids and they are all about friends and family. How could they not?

The Money is in the Barrel

Well, they grew and sold grapes until 2006 when they went from grape growers to wine makers. They did this because, as Sharon put it, ‘the money is in the barrel’. Now they bottle 13 different wines, both sweet and dry, and are producing 2500 to 5000 cases per year. Two of the wines won a bronze medal at the Finger Lakes competition in 2012 and 2013.


We tried several of their wines including the Norton, made with the native Virginia grape. It had excellent color and what we call a ‘short’ finish that still left a lingering flavor of apples.  We bought a bottle of ‘Mr. D’s Blend’, a sweet red (believe it or not), which was a combination of Norton and Niagara grapes, and the ‘Old Time Watermelon Wine’, a real surprise that was well chilled, excellent AND not made with watermelon.

Family All the Way.


So then, Devault Family Vineyards. It’s all in the name, really, and everything else just re-enforces that idea:  tennis court, toys, play house, swimming pool, and LOTS of room for a good ramble. It was a delightful experience that really topped off the family friendly tour. If you’re ever down in the area of Roanoke or Lynchburg, maybe doing a Civil War trail, I recommend you stop in with the family. You’ll  be more than welcome.


“Hippie” Winer

Hailing from Brooklyn as my original birthplace, I immediately connected with this family of winemakers. Pizza to wine – seems like a natural progression to me 🙂 And true to the east coast spirit, instead of letting things turn to vinegar, they regrouped and started making fabulous wine! It is really a beautiful place, absolutely centered around the importance of family and offering many cool events for the whole community to enjoy.

“Timeless” Winer

The first stop on our Family Friendly Tour of Virginia. Everything I thought a vineyard should be that I was going to take the entire family (including the dog) to while on a holiday. Plenty of rambling space for the kids and lots for them to do while they are there.

The Winer’s Experience

The feel and ‘sense’ of Devaults is one of welcome and family.  Comfortable. The grounds are well kept and the place is obviously a working farm (horses, cattle, chickens, etc.).  The tasting room is set on a ridge overlooking the vines as they creep down and then up the hills. The tasting room is built in a stable complete with stalls that are actually restrooms.
Nicely done.  Very casual and friendly from the moment you walk in until you leave. The service was excellent and gave you the sense they had plenty of time to spend a lazy summer day with you. Very informative with none of the star gazing that happens when someone is making up an answer.  The information regarding the native grape, Norton, was of particular interest.

Vineyard & Winery Information

Devault Family Vineyard 247 Station Lane Concord, Virginia    24538

Monday through Saturday from 11AM – 6PM.

Sundays:  No promises.  However, if you call or stop by for a visit and we are in, we will be more than happy to have you

 Yes  No $3.00
 Yes Special event  Too many to mention



  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    We have a couple of events coming up that I wanted to let you know about. First is a Bridal Expo which is FREE. DeVault Family Vineyards, located in Concord, VA, is hosting a Bridal Expo on Sunday, September 27, 2015 from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Come check out our venue and imagine yourself getting married in the middle of our vineyard! Our venue is equipped with a stage located in-between the vines. An outdoor wedding will never be more perfect! Our Bridal Expo will showcase what we have to offer as well as what our vendors on site can provide for you at our location. We can even secure accommodations at a nearby Bed & Breakfast for the wedding party and guests. Our picturesque farm and vineyard will leave your guests in awe as you celebrate your special day! Try some of our wines and talk with our exclusive caterer about your reception as well. Explore our facilities and experience our “family” atmosphere! You will not want to miss this event!

    Next is our 6th Annual Fall Family Fun Festival. Our 6th Annual Fall Family Fun Festival will be held October 3, 2015, and will feature a Haunted Trail, bounce house, indoor pool, pumpkin related activities and contests, Wine, Beer, Vendors, and Food! Music will be performed by “Nate Kenyon” (America’s Got Talent Finalist) and Virginia’s very own, “The Worx”.
    Ticket prices:
    21 & over-$15; Age 14-20 & DD -$10; Ages 4-13 -$5; Age 4 & under- FREE

    Event Page

    Ticket Page

    DeVault Family Vineyards is a short distance off US 460. Turn south onto Village Highway (RT 24) and turn left onto Station Lane and follow the signs.


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