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Palmina Wines – Lompoc, CA

Another fine tasting room experience in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto!  Both of us were by now getting somewhat more comfortable with this “wine tasting room in an industrial park setting” thing, although we still prefer the fully romantic version complete with vineyards and working winery.  However, what we learned quickly on this trip, this being the 4th industrial park setting tasting room, is that the experience can still be quite exceptional if the staff have that contagious passion for the business and are knowledgeable about the wines and the winery, if the tasting room is decorated in such a way as to enhance the tasting experience and bring about the romantic flair, and if the wines are yummy delicious!  And this is what we found at Palmina Wines.

We initially met with Jamie, host, who was getting slammed by all the folks coming in on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.  Within a short time, relief showed up in the form of Alejandro, the tasting room manager.  And that is when things started poppin’!  Alejandro really took us through the flight of wines in such an extraordinary way, explaining the wines, the vineyards, etc.   When it came to the Nebbiolo wines, since there were a number of them, he actually poured the 2007 and 2008 side by side so that we could clearly taste the difference.  We love it when a host can bring it down to our level of simplicity!

Their wines here are very, very nice! This winery has been open since 1995, being the 2nd winery to open in the Wine Ghetto.  They have about 350 acres (obviously outside of town) and grow 21 varietals, producing 20,000 cases, mainly Pinot Grigio and Dolcetto.

We would definitely come back to Palmina Wines and would encourage you to do the same!  This was a great experience and worth doing again!

Vineyard & Winery Information

Palmina Wines 1520 East Chestnut Court, Lompoc, CA  93436
Th – Su: 11am – 5pm
No Yes $10 Traditional, $20 Artisanal
No Hors d’Oeuvres tasting room only (vineyards and winery at different location); Numerous wine culinary events – check website calendar
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