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Summerland Winery – Summerland, CA

Summerland Winery was a more than pleasant last minute addition to our planned Santa Barbara wine trail.  We pretty much had our trail all figured out with only one day having an empty spot to fill in.  We got an email from Summerland Winery asking if we could stop by for a visit.  As a group, we are all so thrilled that they did!  It was the most amazing visit!

We were greeted by Rachel, the wine club manager, who set us up at a table to taste.  The place was pretty hoppin’, appearing to be locals as they were all staying a while and just really enjoying themselves.  Rachel started the tasting, and within a few minutes, we were also joined by the owner, Bilo Zarif, and his faithful K-9 creature, Bluey, who is actually famous as she is featured in Wine Dogs Volume III. It was a pleasure and honor to be joined by Bilo and to have the opportunity to learn from such an experienced and passionate grower and winemaker.

We learned that Bilo has been in the business for over 22 years, having run several different vineyards in the past, and has a love affair with Pinot Noir.  Summerland Winery has been open for about 12 years, and the tasting room for 10.  They have 11 acres of estate vineyards planted and produce about 5,000 cases per year.  They have a VERY active wine club that really sounds like a blast!

We spent quite a bit of time with Bilo, right up until Blufy started getting impatient for her walk/run on the beach and Bilo had to say his goodbyes.  Click on our individual links below to read more about this experience.  Because we spent so much time with Bilo, we have a lot of information that we learned about Bilo as a winemaker, about Summerland and about growing in general.  It was a great visit and one that I’m sure each of you would also find very enjoyable.  Stop in and find out!

Vineyard & Winery Information

Summerland Winery 2330 Lillie Avenue, Summerland, CA  93067
Daily: 11am – 7pm
Events – check calendar Yes  $10/5 tastes – Central Coast Collection$15/5 tastes – Reserve Single Vineyard Collection
No Hors d’Oeuvres Tasting room only (vineyards in different location)
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