Sons Successfully Switch From Fruits to Grapes at Stonehaus Vineyard & Winery

by Tom Joe Hops ‘r Better Winer

Stop 2 of 2 on Kansas City Wine Trail (Impromptu stops on way home!) Date of visit: 2013-10-18

Winery Scenery

Picture perfect grounds introduce you to this wonderful winery just outside of Kansas City. The beautiful vineyards surround the winery and immediately made me think that this purposeful attention to detail must also be displayed in their wines.


The person responsible for this orderliness was Cody, and he was busy this particular day ensuring that the grounds were readied for the weekend’s upcoming Oktoberfest.

Tasting Room Set-up

I do not have a photo to do the wine tasting room justice so you’ll have to visit yourself to see how well a narrowish room was craft-fully designed to handle the tasting bar and a mingling area where you can sit at wine barrels and have a glass of wine.


Everything was wine related and put you in the wine-tasting frame of mind, and yet nothing was “over-powering”… definitely set up for both experienced winers and new adventurers!

Tasting Room Hosts

I cannot say enough about Nancy, the tasting room host. Articulate, informative about the history of the winery, the wines and just a great personality. Her customer service was wonderful, and she has a great way of putting people at ease, even with people not familiar with visiting wineries (yes – I listen into other people’s phone conversations!)

What is neat about Nancy and many other wine establishments, is that they encourage you to visit other wineries also. I was fortunate that Nancy asked me what other wineries I would be visiting because I found out that the next one on my list was closed Fridays (open only on the weekend)… saved me about an hour.  Thanks very much, Nancy!!


This winery has won many awards for their wines, but you should NEVER take them as an indication of being great wines for you.  You can, however, take it that people of discerning tastes have considered them of high quality.  Of course, my taste buds ranged from B through E!

TJ RatingsLabelWineGrapeTasting Card Description
BCynthianaNortonThis wine is barrel aged in French oak casks to develop its classic inky purple color and rich body. Hints of cherry and pecan are notable in this full-bodied dry red.
BChambourcinChambourcinThis is barrel aged in French oak cask, and produces a wonderfully Black Cherry nose, with a smooth medium body finish.
BChardonelChardonelChardonel yields a delicate and subtle wine. It has a taste similar to its parent, Chardonnay and has medium to large berries.
ERose RedSt. VincentThe nose is complex, but light with cherry, nut, and smoke overtones. The finish is known for its strong cherry, melon, and toasted nut, with a wonderful long complex overtone.
BVignolesVignolesThis Riesling-like grape produces a zesty, semi-sweet wine rich with citrus and tropical flavors including apricot, pear and pineapple.
DTraminetteTraminetteA Gewurztminer hybrid, this grape is cold-fermented to enhance its distinct floral character. Elements of honeysuckle and clover on the nose merge with a palette rich with pear and honey to produce a semi-sweet wine.
CVidal BlancVidal BlancThis wine produces a wonderful nose with an apricot and tangerine flavor to produce a semi-sweet wine.
EApple CranberryFruitsIts balance of select apples and cranberries provides an enchanting, brisk wine that will not soon be forgotten.
DNTTopazVignolesThe result is a unique dessert wine with a creamy mouth feel and hints of tropical fruits and honey.
CPortCynthianaThe result of this labor intensive process is a port rich in body and flavor, with elements of smoke, black cherry, dark chocolate.


With the owner and other staff running around getting the place readied for Oktoberfest, I did not get to ask for a tour.  And regardless, I didn’t have time as I was only halfway through my 12 hours commute home!

My Rating for this Winery

I am rating this winery at least Rating-4-green and would love to come back with the VT winers to get their impression and get an official Vineyard Trail rating. This is definitely a must-visit for all winers.

People in the Jackson and Kansas City areas should make this a regular stop for their wine consumption (the prices are great and comparable to liquor stores).  If you have company coming for a visit, this would be a great day trip and I would love to hear what your guests think about this winery!

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