Texas Hills Vineyard – TX

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Back in October, 2012, Tom Joe and I made our second visit to the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail.  We had been there once 3 months Miki in front of another impressive signageprior, but this was our first time to document our winer trail experience.  Documenting the good, the bad, the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful was FUN!  So here we go…

Texas Hills Vineyard was very nice.  Beautiful Texas trees, nice sized vineyard, friendly staff!  They also had a small, quaint show room with nice gifts for purchase.  This is something I always enjoy!

Website:  Texas Hills Winery

Tasting Fees:  A number of wines to choose from at $5/5 tastes, and $5 off if you buy a bottle.  They also have premium wines to experience at $5/6 tastes, but no discount applies if you buy off this list.

Favorite Wine: Well, we had two!  One was the Port….I’m a BIG PORT LOVER!  It was very smooth, chocolaty, and is grown and made at the winery.  Our second favorite was the Toro de Tejas 2010 (Newsome)…a full flavored Tempranillo with just the right amount of spice!

History is never far away from wineQuality:  Some of the wines were close to California quality, but for my taste buds some of the others were just “OK”.

Ambiance: Very comfortable, FUN, warm and welcoming!  Had a great time!

Presentation:  The staff were very friendly and engaging and seemed to be somewhat knowledgeable about wine.

Price:  They did have one pretty expensive bottle ($75), and although good, wasn’t THAT good!  But, keep in mind, we all have our individual tastes and price points.  They also had one wine selling for $4.80, and it tasted like it was worth $4.80.  Huge disparity in price…surprising!  For my tastes and pocketbook, I would rather have seen more middle priced wines.

Food: none available

Rating: C – So-So, but nothing to write home about



Miki “This is the Life” Winer

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