How the Finnins Got Started on The Vineyard Trail

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

Where to start!

Well, we suppose the first thing to say would be “WELCOME” to our passion!  We began this site with our very dear and best friends, Brian Kuhn and Elizabeth Camp, because of our shared love for wine, travel and the wine touring “experience”.  There have been so many experiences that have lead to this venture, all of them exciting along the way!  We’ll let Brian and Elizabeth tell their story and we’ll tell ours here.

Our first New Years Eve - Yes, wine was involved! Tom Joe and I fell in love with the mystery of wine early in our relationship.  We met online but didn’t physically meet for almost 1 1/2 years.  During this time, we conversed daily via the telephone and once a month would have “wine nights”.  These nights consisted of each of us buying a certain type of wine, waiting until the kids were in bed, cracking open each bottle (him in Minnesota and me in Oklahoma) and commence talking until the sun came up and finishing our bottles of wine.  What wonderful memories!

Miki & Tom Joe enjoying Napa Valley

Once we were married and living together in Minnesota, our next step in our wine journey came when starting to attend wine-pairing dinners at a wonderful restaurant called The Napa Valley Grill in the Mall of America.  These dinners were just magical!  The flavors would burst forward of both the food and the wine.

We loved the wine experience so much that we took a weeks vacation to Napa Valley, and then the following year, to Sonoma.  Hence came our passion for wine touring.  We loved the total experience!  Meeting new people, tasting amazing and different wines, visiting beautiful vineyards and wineries, and seeing different parts of the country.

Back room tasting at the Silver Rose Winery in NapaSince these original winecations, we try to visit wineries wherever our travels take us.  New Zealand, Las Vegas, Texas (believe it or not, some pretty great wines!), and our list continues to grow.

We hope that you will enjoy our recaps of our winery visits and will come join us on The Trail as we make announcements of where we will be visiting next.

See you on The Vineyard Trail!


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