Meet The Traveling Winers

4 People – 2 Couples – 1 Passion… The “Winers” are 4 people that have 4 different approaches to wine… all with the single vision of sharing the wine trailing experience with each other as well as with new friends found along the way… whether it is the storied history, the taste, the on-going learning experience or, especially, meeting the unique community of wine lovers, new & old, all over the world.

Don’t be shy. Join us as we trail, share in our fun, and make new memories and new-found friends!

Tom Joe Finnin

Information Technology

Validating and building an extensive list of wineries, wine bars and other wine related establishments.

Miki Finnin

Social Media Coordinator

Engaging our audience and building links to our target audience & other business opportunities.

Elizabeth Camp

Sales & Marketing

Working with wineries and business to increase their exposure to new markets.

Brian Kuhn

Education & History

Educating people on the history of wine and how to appreciate wine.


What We Do

From Whining to Wining

For years we have appreciated the occasional glass of wine, but after vacationing in Sonoma and Napa Valley, we surprisingly realized that our excitement for “wine-trailing” was a new-found passion – a passion we want to share with like-minded “winers”!

This website is designed to help you find vineyards and wineries as you travel that can be tailored to the length of your stay, location, members of your group, and even the taste & quality of wines that you enjoy.

Who Are The “Traveling Winers”?

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Join Us Now

Join the Vineyard Trail “Traveling Winers” as we trail around, taste, review and write about our experiences! We send you an email notice each time we post a new winery review or personal experience blog so you won’t miss even one exciting article! We will also let you know about our upcoming wine trails in the hope that you might want to join us in person!


Education is Everything… and Nothing

Whether you have drank wine for decades, or are just starting your journey, understanding the myriad of information that makes wine so intriguing is a must! Or is it?

Although history and knowledge greatly enhances the “nobility” of wine, when it comes right down to it, it’s your personal taste that drives the “greatest” of the wine you drink.

This website will provide the history, benefits (both culturally and medically), and technical aspects of wine and wine production. We link to the most authoritative sites and articles on the web to ensure that you receive quality information. However, it’s up to you to decide on the extent of your thirst for knowledge

And if it’s just the “taste” you want, go for it! And have some fun by reading the Winer-Reviews section for our personal “interpretation” of specific wines and the wineries from which they come. Remember, we’re no sommelier or proclaimed “wine expert”. We’re simple folks that have a passion for wine and the trailing experience. We’re going trailing regardless, and believe it is always more fun in a group. We hope that you will join us!



Why We Do It

Tom Joe “Hops ‘r Better” Winer

Yes – I prefer beer over wine ANY day of the week… but that does not mean I cannot learn to appreciate the fine art of guzzingly (oops, I mean sipping) wine!

Yeah… beer is easier to understand, easier to drink, and easier to switch up. And being a beer drinker, I’m the one guy that can tell you the “true” taste of wine, and exactly what you are getting for your money… so be sure to follow my blogs ’cause I ain’t steering you wrong!

Drink Wine – Drink Wisely!

Miki “This Is The Life!” Winer

Learning more about wines & meeting wonderful people! Now, just add family and friends and this is life at it’s best! Building relationships, attending wine-pairing dinners and forging “trails” across the US and the world… my life is complete (or it will be once all trails have been followed!)

Can I quit my day job yet?

Elizabeth “Hippy” Winer

I like my wine mixed with a little sparkling water – dry, not sweet, usually the red kind. Okay, buttery, spicy, fruity – well, I let the other winers make those calls because it all tastes the same to me. I am really into the organic wines, herbs, noshing and wandering the beautiful vineyards – being one with nature and all. So, join me on the trail and let’s be one with the universe.

Brian “Timeless” Winer

What?! We’re drinking wine!! Wahoo!

I need a retirement “hobby” and what better than immersing myself in the fine art of wine… and then sharing that with neighbors and friends. Join me in my (our) journey and let us learn together.

Exploring the Timeless History of Wine!