Review: Three Fox Vineyard – Delaplane, VA

Official Review by The Traveling Winers

Come along with us below as two of the Traveling Winers, with Grandkids and dog in tow, tour Three Fox Vineyard.


Three Fox Vineyards is located in Delaplane, Virginia, and was the final stop on our Family Friendly Trail.  At the entrance, we crossed a small creek and followed a long, winding gravel road towards the tasting room.  The vines stretched away, climbing the hill to our left, while on the right, the land sloped down to a tree line that held several picnic areas and hammocks along its edge.

A small patch of Italy in Northern Virginia

“At Three Fox Vineyards®, we follow old world traditions of winemaking. We nurture the integration of sun, earth, and love to produce great grapes. We shepherd these grapes as they transform into wonderful, flavorful wines.”

~ John Todhunter, Winemaker

‘Come here and be in Europe’, is the idea that Holli and John Todhunter, owners of Three Fox, want to get across.  Having traveled extensively throughout Italy, they loved the wines, the food, just the entire atmosphere and dreamed of creating a piece of Tuscany in the Virginia hill country.   With that in mind, they bought 50 acres in 2002 and have never looked back.  The name? While looking at the property, Holli spotted a trio of foxes trotting up one of the hills and BOOM, it was a done deal!

Patio wine classes, just like in the old country

What do you get when you combine a biochemist with a true love of the old country? Some fine wines! The varieties of estate grapes are pretty impressive for a place with only 15 acres of vines.  They produce crops of Sangiovese, Nebbiolo (from the Piemonte region of Italy), Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chambourcin (a hybrid from the Loire valley in France), and Viognier (native to the Rhone valley in France).  The sampling was fun and reminiscent of being in Italy, lots of conversation and a variety of wines.  John pointed out that the whole purpose of wine in Italy is to enhance your meal and that is one of the things they try to teach people that visit at Three Fox.

European family culture (of course your dog is welcome).

Three Fox Vineyards is a family friendly place that considers the dog to be part of the family, just like in Europe.  The tasting room, the patio and even the bocce courts that sit on  the edge of the vines just smacked of a small family vineyard in Italy.  Come here, and for just a brief time, Italy is all around.

Hmmm, bocce.  Something like lawn darts?


“Hippie” Winer

As a frequent traveler to the old country, I could really relate with Holly and John’s love of Italy. They had just returned from traveling there and I recognized the look in their eyes – a wistfulness to return. John was very knowledgeable about the chemistry of wine, naturally, having a background in biochemistry, but also, he really understands how wines can bring food alive and visa versa. Beautiful place, great wines; definitely worth a trip!

“Timeless” Winer

A lovely spot of Europe in the midst of the rolling hills of Virginia.  A good time to be had with plenty of lively conversation and good wine.  Classes on wine, wine dinners and classes on food.  LOTS of rambling space for kids and dogs, peace and quiet.  Nice.

The Winer’s Experience

Quiet.  Peaceful and serene.  A great place to sit and soak up the sun. Beautifully kept from the edge of the tree line to the rows of vines climbing the hills.  The views were wonderful. The tasting room was a little small until you remember that that is the way it is in Europe.  The terrace (terrazzo) more than made up for it.
Excellent.  The owners were very friendly and as equally interested in us as they were in telling about Three Fox. Very good.  Everyone was very attentive without being pushy to try this or that. Extensive.  Full of information regarding the vineyard, grapes and even why growing in Italy was out.

Vineyard & Winery Information

 Three Fox Vineyards 10100 Three Fox Lane, Delaplane, Virginia 20144
Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 11 AM to 5 PM.Sunday: 12 Noon to 5 PM.Other times by Group Appointment.
 Yes  The Cellar Club  Group Tasting Fees Begin at $12 per person;
 By reservation Light Fare (i.e. cheese and crackers) : $5 per person. Special events and dinners.  Classes on a variety of subjects.



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