Too Much Cash In My Hands

by Brian The Timeless Winer

brian2Hello, everyone!  Doing a bit of mental wandering the other day while sitting at the dining room table not really focused on anything and listening to the classic ‘Too Much Time on My Hands’ by Styx,  when My Own True Love came bopping on through and, of course, wanted to know what I was doing.  ‘Thinking about a blog subject’, says I. ‘What’s it about?’, she asks.  Then she cast her eye over the wine rack, told me it needed attention and not to lose my mind at the wine store.  Boom.  Idle comment brings forth subject to address.

So then, how much would you spend on a bottle of wine?  Would you drop $40 without blinking an eye?  $60? $80?  Or are you more comfortable, like me, in the $15 range?  Wine can be pricey, who of us isn’t familiar with the name ‘Rothschild’?

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (1.5 Liter Magnum) $1,616.99


But just how much would someone charge for a bottle of wine?  What IS the most expensive bottle of wine in the world today?  Well, let me tell you about it.  If you are tooling around the airport in Dubai and find yourself wandering around in terminal 3, you will find the Le Clos wine shop.  Inside I am sure you will find several VERY helpful people who will direct you to a display of wine labeled ‘Château Margaux 2009’.


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The nice people will tell then tell you all about the wine (a red Bordeaux blend, 2009), the vineyard (Chateau Margaux, making wine since the 1600’s) and then, will look you straight in the eyeballs and say, ‘The price is $195,000. What card will you be using?’  But!  See this isn’t just a bottle of wine, oh no.  This is a ‘Balthazar’, holding 12 liters of wine, AND it is one of only six such bottles ever made by Chateau Margaux.  You can only by three of the Balthazars, the rest are going to be in the vineyards cellars so you can easily see why it might be a sale.

Now as I said, Chateau Margaux has been making wine in the Bordeaux region since the 1600’s and the prices usually range from about $200 to $2000.  But this vintage, 2009, was so spectacular with a  “wonderful concentration, finesse, balance and freshness” (according to the vineyard) that it deserved to be bottled in the Balthazar.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

But wait, there’s more!  When you buy that bad boy in Dubai (Le Clos, terminal 3, don’t forget) you also get (cue music), ‘an impressive case of oak, raised on steel legs symbolizing the barrels resting in the Château Margaux cellars. Beautifully engraved with gold by master craftsmen, the Balthazar’s visual appearance is eclipsed only by the quality of the wine itself.’  Nice, huh?

But wait, there’s even more!   You buy this bottle aaaannnndddd (hit it), ‘Its owner will enjoy a priceless experience – being flown first class to France to visit the first growth’s estate, enjoying a private tour of its cellars and vineyard, before having dinner at the Château hosted by Paul Pontallier, Chief Winemaker and Managing Director of Château Margaux.’

So there you have it.  According to secret sources at the internet, the most expensive bottle of wine in the world will cost somebody $195,000.  But you also get a REALLY nice plane ride, a REALLY nice tour and a bang up dinner at the Chateau.  Oh yeah, don’t forget the snappy box it comes in, suitable for storage in your cellar for a hundred years or so.  (I got my information from an article/video by Reuters News Service and a story in Eater by Hilary Dixler.)  Man, whatever you do, don’t forget this info is from the internet and is dead accurate (Bon Jour, says my French amigo).

Hope you enjoyed the UBOI (useless bit of information).  We are all going to be at the Finger Lakes in New York next month.  If your up in that area look us up.  I’ll be looking for you, over the rim.

$195,00.  Excuse me, can you direct me to the two buck chuck?


And now, my personal rant:

Free The Grapes

Free the Grape!





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