Traveling Winers Monthly Wine Picks – 01 June 2016

Explore a new wine this month!

Whether you’re into dry, sweet, red,
white, Italian, French or even “Hops”,
consider trying our suggestions below!

Traveling Winers Monthly Wine Picks

Faces-TomJoeTom Joe
“Hops ‘r Better” Winer

Wine: 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: Red
Vineyard: Silver Oaks Cellars

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I rated this wine a 91 in Quini and it’s definitely worth getting a bottle!Intense appearance, with intense aromas. A full-bodied red. The finish is layered. A cabernet sauvignon from united states.This is a great tasting wine. Just the perfect amount if tannins and a long finish!
“This is the Life” Winer

Wine: Fat Cat Cellars Pinot Noir 2014
Type: Red, Dry
Vineyard: Fat Cat Cellars Winery (California)

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First time I sipped up on this bad boy was when I was kickin’ it down in ‘The Big Easy’ at one of the brothers’ cribs, know it? Tell you what, color be the finest kind, like that big ruby I lost at cards in a rigged game.  (MmmHmm, thas right.)  The taste is all fresh fruit and the scent is of berries.  My bro’s and I dug some lamb with the best fixin’s and it went down Whooo Now, smmooove! This is a good wine that I recommend for anytime.  Best be havin’ it wit a playa or two (one of which should be full of light jazz).  Damn, this was fun.

The “Timeless” Winer

Wine: Wirra Wirra Church Block CSM 2012
Type: Dry, Red
Vineyard: Wirra Wirra Winery (Australia)

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I’ve always liked Australian wines so when I saw this puppy in the local booze mart I figured I would give it a whirl.  I found it to be an excellent blend with a beautiful dark plum color.  In the nose, the color was plain to see as it was rich in plum and dark fruits.  On the tongue, there was a tease of chocolate and spices I couldn’t put my finger on.  The choice of wine was spot on for dinner with my friend, the Kiwi.

The “Hippy” Winer

Wine:Tikal Natural Organic Red Blend 2012
Type: Red, Dry
Vineyard: Tikal Winery (Argentina)

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Being the Hippy Winer, I am all about all things organic and sustainable growth.  My honey picked up this bottle on his last journey to our local dealer-man and let me tell you, he done good.  We just wanted something we could share while chatting with our friends and this was perfect.  The color was that deep bright red of pomegranate and it was clean on the palate with hints of spiced mocha.  It was a hit, indeed.

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Traveling Winers Monthly Wine Picks.  

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