Traveling Winers Monthly Wine Picks – 03 Nov 2015

Explore a new wine this month!

Whether you’re into dry, sweet, red,
white, Italian, French or even “Hops”,
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Traveling Winers’ Monthly Wine Picks

Faces-TomJoeTom Joe
“Hops ‘r Better” Winer

Wine: 2013 Malvasia Bianca
Type: White
Vineyard: Aridus Wine Company

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“I rated this a 76 in Quini but m not sure how it will go over with you – try it and let me know your thoughts. Bright appearance, with full-intense aromas. A medium-bodied white. The finish is layered. A Malvasia Bianca from the United States.”
“This is the Life” Winer

Wine: Blanc de Blancs
Vineyard: Foxen Vineyards

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50 % Chenin Blanc, 50 % Colombard  Pale yellow with greenish hues; Fresh aromas of citrus fruits; mouth, doomed and fresh with flavors that confirm its fruity character.

The “Timeless” Winer

Wine: Falernia Syrah Reserva 2010
Type: Dry, Red
Vineyard: Falernia Winery (Chile)

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A vivid, very bright color that leads to an elegant nose, filled with black pepper and floral notes. This is a full-bodied, well-balanced wine with very soft tannins. It had a very nice spicy, fruit character.

The “Hippy” Winer

Wine: Barboursville Pinot Grigio 2013
Type: White, Dry
Vineyard: Barboursville Vineyards (Virginia)

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Romantic and youthfully spirited. It was a great expression of the Italian winemaking style. I found it to be an extremely flavorful wine, with apple, pear, and a touch of pineapple. Dry and well-balanced, with a glowing and intriguingly gentle finish.

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