Ullo – Sulfite Filter
Review by Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

Sulfites, a naturally occurring and commonly added substance during winemaking, are well known to cause people sensitive to this additive to experience things such as headaches, joint pains and other symptoms. Some people are affected more than others and some have no troubles at all. Well, as wine drinkers, we all have to accept that where there is wine there are sulfites. Sulfites occur naturally in small amounts and are found in all wine, yes, even organic wine. While there are winemakers who do not add sulfites, many do. And some winemakers add more than others. In the end, what we have in all the wines of the world, are varying levels of sulfites.

Why you might ask (at least I did), would a winemaker add more of a substance that can cause symptoms in people? Well, the sulfites help preserve the wine, slowing down oxidation. So for winemakers, this is a good thing, but for wine drinkers, this can be bad news.

Luckily, the first piece of good news is that once you open the wine, the sulfites’ work is done, especially if you’re going to finish off the bottle. And why wouldn’t you do that? The second best piece of good news is Ullo, a filter designed by James Kornacki, which removes sulfites down to naturally occurring levels. The result is that people who often have a reaction to wine with added sulfites seem to do just fine once those extra sulfites are removed.

We caught up with James to get his story before taking Ullo for a test drive ourselves.

Enjoy our video which has both the interview and our taste test. We even included some bloopers at the end, hilarious!

(Disclaimer: This product was a complementary industry sample.)

à votre santé
Elizabeth, the “Hippy Winer

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