The Vineyard Trail returns to Santa Barbara for the WBC!

The Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) is July 11-13, 2014 and two of The Traveling Winers will be in attendance.

Miki & Tom Joe

Miki “This is the Life” and Tom Joe “Hops ‘R Better” winers will be heading out a day earlier for the pre-conference  excursion put on by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. We are both looking forward to it but from different perspectives.

Miki & Elizabeth found out about this conference through a meeting of other winers in the industry and immediately indicated that a representation of the winers should attend.  Tom Joe figured since it’s in Buellton, the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. is close by in case he got bored. Miki is most definitely looking at every glass of wine as an opportunity to boost her vino vocabulary and social reach.

We just received the pre-conference excursion itinerary and it looks great! Looks like we’re visiting 6 wineries over 2 days and all of them ones we did not visit on our trip earlier this year. What’s going to be awesome about this excursion is that we’re going to be discussing the local AVAs, some of Paso Robles heritage varietals, sustainability, and the history & terroir of the area (and this is all BEFORE the conference starts!)

First thing we need to do is take a quick look at each of the wineries we’re going to stop at to get an appreciation of the experience that may unfold. The wineries, in order are:


                Dusi Wines                      Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards


Over the next few weeks as we get to know these wineries we may write another piece with our “game plan” for getting the most of the short visits & discussions planned at each stop.

Once we get back into Buellton on Thursday at 5pm, it’ll be checking in at the hotel as the first step (we’re not staying at the conference hotel, unfortunately, but it allows Tom Joe to get in his annual exercise!!)  Tom Joe is not one for social mingling, but the wife is pulling the leash back in so he will try to be on his best behavior!

Both Tom Joe & Miki are really excited to listen to Corbett Barr in the opening keynote speech.  We’ve been listening to several internet podcasts for the last year to gain experience & knowledge for The Vineyard Trail blog so gaining insights, tips & advice from a noted expert will be invaluable.

Tom Joe is so looking forward to Photography & Videography for Wine Bloggers and would LOVE to attend the Wine Writer’s Workshop but they’re on at the same time (this is what happens when they do not consult with him!). Miki is excited about the wine tasting and Wine Discovery sessions especially the New Wines of Greece (which is a place she most dearly wants to visit in Europe!)

In fact, this whole conference is suited for us: education on blogging and best practices, photography & videography and learning about the wine industry in general. And, of course, there’s going to be beaucoup opportunities to taste wine… but that is really a side activity compared to all the other things we’re going to learn and personal contacts we’re going to make (besides, after the first 5-6 tastings, Tom Joe says that they all start to taste the same).

Looking forward to the conference and meeting fellow winers!!

Remember: This IS the Life and Drink Wine – Drink Wisely! 


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