WBC Red Wine Tasting – Speed Limits Should Not Be Enforced!

by Tom Joe The “Hops ‘R Better” Winer

3:00 – 4:00 PM Live Red Wine Blogging

IMHO speed tasting does an absolute disservice to the winery, the wine, and the wine bloggers conference (WBC) attendees. Of course, taking 2 months to write this piece is also a disservice, but that’s for another blog!

Yeah, just like regular speed dating events where you can’t really “hit it off” with a person before the bell rings, speed tasting with an allocation of 5 minutes to chat, taste, and write a cohesive blurb about the wine for social media consumption just does not cut it! But, I’m married and I drink beer, so what do I know!

Benefits of Speed Tasting

Okay, there is one “pro” for speed tasting and it’s that you get to quickly chat and taste and write (with a pen) a quick blurb on the wine you’re tasting and THIS will at least give you an idea on whether you might want to take a little time later on to revisit that particular wine, perhaps depending on the interaction and story you hear. So let’s see if this holds true for this speed tasting experience.

The Wines, The History, The Story

Okay, since I’ve taken my own sweet time to write this article, I’ve decided to give each wine & winery a little bit of lovin’. Instead of focusing only on the wine (and considering I prefer beer, I’m thinking the wineries will be okay with this), I’m going to delve a little deeper into each winery and share with you a cool, interesting tidbit about their staff, operation or history. And since there are so many of them (at 5 minutes each!) I’m going to list and publish them each separately so as not to bore you. You’re welcome!

Click on each of the headings below to read my write-up:

3:00pm – De Lucca 2017 Tannat Reserve
3:05pm – Fullerton 2016 Pinot Noir
3:10pm – Rodney Strong Vineyards 2016 Upshot Red Wine Blend
3:15pm – Browne Family Vineyards 2015 Cabernet Franc
3:20pm – Dama Wines 2014 Collage
3:25pm – Dunham Cellars 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon XX
3:30pm – Mansion Creek Cellars Red Dog
3:35pm – Brooks Estate 2015 Rastaban Pinot Noir
3:40pm – Troon Vineyard 2016 Cuvée Pyrénées
3:45pm – Stone Hill 2015 Chambourcin

Being the unbiased media writer that I am, I should not tell you that Brooks Estate story was the most enjoyable to me or that I really love the “XX” meaning on Dunham cellars’ label. That would just NOT be appropriate! So, you guys decide!

HEY – That Was Only 10 Wines – What Happened To My Other Dates?

60 minutes… 5 minutes each – THAT SHOULD BE 12 WINES! Hmm – that should have been 1 case in one hour! 

I believe that I was short- shafted by the emcee with his verbose instructions before the tasting and his “over-the-top lovin'” to each winery representative afterward, precluding me from tasting all 12 wines. (Just yanking your chain, Alan!) No worries though. I got what I needed, tasted some great wines (some no longer available for consumption – lucky me!) and some interesting stories about the wines and wineries. Hope you enjoy!

Remember, it’s all about having FUN with wine! 

Drink Wine – Drink Wisely!

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