William Chris Vineyards – TX

by Miki, This Is The Life Winer

William & Chris VineyardsWilliam Chris Vineyards was by far one of our favorite stops on this Vineyard Trail expedition!  The whole experience screamed “TEXAS”!

Driving up to the vineyard was exactly what you would expect from a Texas establishment.  Huge trees on the property, the vineyard sign framed in “ranch-type” wood, vineyards lining the road and an old rickety-looking farmhouse (could have used some landscaping, but maybe they were keeping it “natural” on purpose).  TurnsEven the wooden piles look as old as the house! out, the rickety-looking farmhouse was the tasting room!  My first impression, still sitting in the car, was “You’ve got to be kidding me!  Where is the tasting room?!”  But as my first foot hit the ground, my opinion changed.

This was in October and was somewhat of a brisk day.  They had several wood burning stoves on the grounds that smelled amazing!  Tables and chairs were set up as if they were expecting a crowd.  A musician was playing on their small front porch as you walked into the tasting room.  Very “I wanna stay all day” kinda feel.

Beautiful, vintage entranceWAY COOL would be the words I would use to describe the tasting room!  This was an old farmhouse from about 1905 that had been turned into their tasting room, yet preserved as much as possible.  The roof was made from recycled tin from a turkey farm across the way and the original doors were attached to the ceiling for decoration.  They had small, intimate tasting rooms set up in each of the rooms of the house, each accommodating about 5-6 people.  WAY COOL!

Website: William Chris Vineyards

Tasting Fees: $10/6-7 wine tastes, refunded if you bought 2 bottles

Quality: Very nice.  Tom Joe and I have our own little rating scale that we use on all of our wine tours, ranking from 1-10.  Of all their wines, we gave one 7 and the rest 8 or 9.  For our taste buds, we were impressed!

Ambiance: I think you can tell from my description above what we thought of the ambiance….WAY COOL!

Presentation:  The staff were so fun, friendly and educated about their wines and their history.  A BIG plus in my book is that when you buy a bottle of wine (and we bought several) that they give you a recipe that pairs!  And you don’t even have to be a member of the wine club.  Great marketing idea!

Price: In my opinion, comparable to taste at $20 – 42 a bottle.

Food: None, but they made up for that by giving me a recipe!

Rating:  A – Love the wine! Buy a Case



Miki “This is the Life” Winer

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