Wine is an acquired taste… well, at least SOME wine is

Rules for Learning Wine

For those of you that are just starting out on your journey, there is one rule you need to remember:

You will immediately know what you like and dislike!

And what someone else likes and rates a 97, you may dispose of in the spittoon before the “flavor” dissipates from your mouth.

Oh… and the second rule?

Your tastes will change as you continue your journey, so do not discount wines from rule #1 forever!

As you attend more tastings and purchase wines outside your comfort zone, you need to start tracking them… and start tracking them now. The criteria for this checklist? Actually, it’s going to be personal for where you are in your journey.

Rating Wines for the Beginner


For those of us starting out, it can be as simple as noting the grape and wine name, and following it with a personal code:

2011 Sauvignon Blanc – Viansa Winery – B

Where you scale it very subjectively (to begin with):

A – Love the wine – buy a case!

B – Really good, bring some back and share with neighbors

C – S0-so, but nothing to write home about

D – Won’t send back, but won’t order again

E – Spittoon

Now, you can shorten this list to 3, but I would not recommend extending it to more than 5. The biggest problem you’ll have when going through some wine tastings is how to distinguish between 2 wines rated the same – my advice, flip a coin! They’re both good so stick with one so that you get the full appreciation.

As your journey progresses your taste buds will mature and the ratings will change to be more objective, though you may never stray too far away.

Drink wine – drink wisely – let me know how you rate your wines!

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